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New Video about “The Orchard!”


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Young Moms in Pucallpa

By Emma Rivero with Kristin Coté The teen moms’ group is a relatively new idea for us in Mission TEC Care Centre. We are only in the second year of running this program. We started the program as various ladies in the mission have seen members of the youth club get pregnant prematurely and have […]

From Pennsylvania to Pachacamac

Written by: Amy Jo Smith She was standing on the gazebo bench in the slightly stirring breeze eating a juicy, yellow mango as I entered the gate. She called over to me, ready with one of her big squeezy hugs…this time slightly-sticky with mango. “Maya!* Mira! I have something for you!” And I held up […]

Provision in Pucallpa

C.S. Lewis once wrote to a friend who was starting a “rest-home where people in psychological difficulties” would receive care. He noted that everything “depends on the quality of the individual helpers,” and he suggested that such people could only be found through prayer.* At the Orchard Children’s Home outside of Pucallpa, we rejoice in […]

The Oasis Story

Today we share with you the story of how the Oasis Care Center came to be. The Oasis has experienced much growth and change over the years, but today we look back and remember how it all began. This story is a testimony of our Father’s faithfulness and love for His people! The Motivation The […]

Reflecting Redemption

Redemptive families are raised up by God in His New Creation, through the resurrection life of Jesus. One such expression has taken root in an orchard in the Amazon Jungle, where a new children’s home opened its doors to children desperate for something new, in contrast to their life of abandonment, neglect, and abuse. Kids Alive […]

New Perspectives

As our kids in the Children’s Homes start to get older, we are always looking for ways to send them out and broaden their horizons in preparation for their future–exposing them to new perspectives, developing their talents and interests, expanding their worldview, and teaching them to serve others. As we have sought to improve the way […]

Growing Up

I will never forget the day my parents dropped me off for college. My college was halfway across the country from my hometown, so my parents didn’t walk me into my dorm room, but instead left me at the airport. I don’t remember many of the details of what I did on that first day […]

Rejoice With Us

Last Sunday was a joyful day for us in Kids Alive Peru, because three of our boys in the Friends of Peru Children’s Home in Andahuaylas were baptized! From Hugo, the Director of the Home: I am happy and full of joy that God is doing so much work in the lives of our children. […]

It’s a Boy!

Welcome *Samuel, the newest member of the Juniper Tree family! Samuel is five years old and a very smiley, sweet boy. It has been a while since we have had a little boy in the Children’s Home in Lima. All of our other boys are now teenagers! We are thrilled to have Samuel, and he […]

Oasis Faces and the Top Three

Hello Kids Alive Friends! Good things are happening at the Oasis Care Center in Manchay! We are excited, and thought you might want to hear more about it. But first…this cute face. Look at that cheeky little boy hamming it up for the camera! Ok, here we go. Top Three New Things Happening at the […]