Through the Eyes of a Service Team Member – Day 6

***Special guest bloggers Carolyn and Lynn from the Lawrence Free Methodist Church Service Team***

On Friday we bid farewell to the children at The Juniper Tree. Several members from our group asked to sponsor children at the Home and were able to talk to these children for a bit and get a picture with them. Each child at the Juniper Tree has several sponsors and writes each sponsor four times a year so the relationships between the children and their sponsors will deepen.

Karly and her sponsored child. Karly spent several days working with the kids at The Juniper Tree and was drawn to Julio’s* kind heart and his smile. Julio* loves to draw and loves school. His favorite class at school is English and Karly knows a bit of Spanish so they’ll have a good time teaching each other a bit of English and Spanish. When Julio* learned that Karly wanted to be his marina, he went to his room and got a little stuffed bear to give to her so she could remember him. He asked that she pray for him and his family.

Kelly with the children her family is going to sponsor.
When Kelly came to Peru, she was hoping to meet a brother and sister her family could sponsor since she has 3 sons and a daughter at home. She was quickly drawn to Mario* and Maria*, the two newest children at The Juniper Tree. They are energetic and loving and are very excited about their new home and new Padrinos (Sponsors). They already know the names of Kelly’s children and are looking forward to corresponding with them in the future.

Carolyn with her sponsored child. Karlia* is the middle child of three sisters. She is outgoing, full of energy and comfortable with people. She loves to play and is happy to have another marina.

Steve, Lynn, Carolyn, Karly and Kelly at the fishing village of Puku Sana, where we took a boat tour to see the cliffs, the ocean and some lazy sea lions.

Lynn, Steve, Karly, Carolyn, and Kelly with our friend and guide, Javier, at the fountain exhibit in downtown Lima.

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