Door Creek Church – Day 6

***Special guest bloggers Ella, Kaitlin, Courtney, Abbi and photographer Kristin Karls from the Door Creek Church Service Team***

Jueves! Breakfast was oatmeal, bacon, ham, and toast made by Alec and Abbi today! It was our first morning without Kyle and of course we were all running late. We started off with a few small work projects and then finished up cementing! Shout out to Eduardo for doing half of the work set out for us. After that Courtney, Ella, Abbi, and Chelsey used power tools (the skill saw and nail gun), and nailed siding to the shed on the roof, and no one died… success. The rest of the team lacquered wood and prepared the siding for the tool shed.

We were all very excited to switch up our routine and have dinner at the children’s home and stay for devotions with the kids. Dinner consisted of roasted chicken, white rice, lemon salad, and potatoes.


Devotions were AWESOME! The kids performed some lively skits, dances, and music that they will be using on their upcoming mission trip in August to do some street evangelism. We attempted a skit on Daniel and the lion’s den and Alec shared his testimony. After just arriving home from a long night, we are excited and sad for our last day with the kids tomorrow.





Linda’s luggage arrived late Thursday night! Praise God.

Hamster Updates*:
Courtney – Tuesday
Abbi and Chelsey – Friday
Ella and Kaitlin – Possibly Friday

*Note: To Hamster (verb) latin root: hamos-stinkarono; To go without showering for more than 24 hours (under our conditions)

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