Juniper Tree Men’s Camping Trip

Last week fellow missionary, Dan Anderson, Juniper Tree director, Ruben Effio, and Mike Fietje, Peru Field Director, took all the boys from the Children’s Home on a camping trip to Lunahuana, a small town a couple of hours south of Lima. The idea was to do “manly” things with them and teach them from God’s Word how to be a man of God.

They met up with the “tour company” who was to take them white water rafting. They were to take them to the place we would camp and provide them with sufficient tents for the 14 members of the group. The group was taken to a 3 star hotel overlooking the river and said they could set up next to the soccer field. Unfortunately, of the four tents they provided, only one 4-man tent was good enough to put up as all the rest had broken poles. At this point poor Ruben who had never camped before was ready to get a room but the tour company rep convinced the hotel manager to let the group borrow some of his tents. Unfortunately he only had four 2-man tents (I’ll let you do the math) which made things interesting…

The group had plenty of time for white-water rafting, playing in the pool, and of course plenty of football!

On the way home they had a little bit of time to go surfing, with the help of a few members of the Christian Surfers Association.

Please be praying that each of the boys from the Juniper Tree grow into the man that God wants them to be.

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