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Every time that I am at the home it’s fun to see the imaginative ways that our kids can play in the dirt.

One of the kids buried

With the rush to move into the Juniper Tree (it would have cost $10,000 to bring the old home up to code) and the lack of funding for some higher priority construction we haven’t been able to provide our kids with a proper outside place to play.

A game of tag in the dirt soccer court/parking lot

Dirt Fight!

Playing King of the Hill with a sleeping dog isn't as fun as it sounds

Fortunately, our last work team was able to remove much of the construction rubble and smooth out most of the land as well as lay sod behind two of the new houses.

Eventually, once everything else is complete, we will be able to shift general construction funds to build a playground, but won’t likely happen for a long, long time. Would you be willing to donate $50, $100, or $500 dollars now to our designated playground fund?

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