What you missed in 2014!

2015 is back in full swing, with our Oansa (Awana) programs starting this week, but before we give you updates on the new year, we thought we’d point out some of the things you probably missed from 2014 in the form of pictures and video. Enjoy!

Our annual little league or (Calichines) program was a huge success this year. Teams turned up from all over the area – mostly for futbol (Soccer), but also for a little volleyball!

This is a short timelapse video showing an entire evening of our Calichines tournament!


Since 2010, the Kids Alive center in Pucallpa has hosted a special quinceañera celebration for the teenage girls in youth club. Turning fifteen years old is an important milestone in the life of these girls; it is when they transition from childhood to adulthood. As they take steps into adulthood, we desire for each girl to know how special they are to God and the plan He has for their lives, a plan of hope and a future. This year, six young girls dressed in stunning pink gowns were escorted to the birthday party as a princess enters a ballroom. They were welcomed by hundreds of balloons, twirling ribbons, shimmering lights, and nearly one hundred smiles from the guests in attendance. With joyful smiles on their faces, they received personal gifts, a Bible, and a message from God’s Word. Each birthday girl was reminded of her identity in Jesus Christ and the importance of making the choice to honor and live for Him. The ceremony came to a close as the women on staff lovingly surrounded the girls and prayed for God’s direction and blessing over each one.


For the full set of pictures, check us out on Google +

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Jonathan Reid

Pucallpa, Peru Missionary at Kids Alive International
Raised a missionary kid and came back to serve under Kids Alive International in the same town where he grew up.

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