Oasis Faces and the Top Three

Hello Kids Alive Friends!

Good things are happening at the Oasis Care Center in Manchay! We are excited, and thought you might want to hear more about it. But first…this cute face.

Look at that cheeky little boy hamming it up for the camera!

Ok, here we go.

Top Three New Things Happening at the Oasis That You Can Get Excited About!

1. Teachers and Families, Working Together

Through the ministry of our school, which now has up to Grade 3, we hope to see transformed families. We have been experimenting with monthly meetings with the parents of our kids, discussing the core values we believe are important to teach their children. Through this, we have had so many opportunities to share our faith in small ways, and to develop a partnership with families, rather than just a place to drop off their kids. The most exciting thing? The dads who we are starting to get to know through this process! As many of you now, dads have been so hard for us to reach. For our Father’s Day celebration last week, we had a huge number of dads participate-there were so many that I could only fit half of the dads with their kids into the photo below!



Learning to pray


2. FE-Familias con Esperanza

After several years of running a successful Moms Helping Moms program, we were surprised when God clearly led us to go a different direction this year. We have suspended our Moms program, and in its place, have started a new program aimed at healing and supporting the entire family. This new program is called “FE“, which stands for Familias con Esperanza, or Families with Hope. We will still be working with many moms, but through FE we would like to reach a larger number of families, and hope to make an impact with dads alongside the moms.

The program is open to families of the Oasis and to Manchay community members. There is a sewing class, with opportunities for some to be hired after the class as part of a production team, producing items to sell for a profit. We have a new basic computers class, and plans for other instructional workshops.  At the request of our Manchay families, we have added a Christian psychologist who is focusing on the healing and strengthening of familiy relationships. Every Friday, all of the adult participants of the FE programs are invited to the Oasis  for coffee, tea and “piqueos” (tasty Peruvian snacks) where our FE staff lead a short devotional, followed by a small group time of counseling with staff and fellowship between families. This group time is key to forming the relationships and community where the message of hope through Christ is shared. We are encouraged by the participation and growth that is coming form this important time!


3. Small Business Training and Microloans

As part of our efforts to support families, we have partnered with another ministry to offer small business training and microloans. We are in the middle of our first 10-week busuiness management course, and may offer it up to four times a year, depending on interest. The purpose of the course is to teach good personal financial habits, the basics of running a small business, and to help the participants discover what resources and abilities they already have available to them that could help them in their efforts to better support their family.

After the course, some may decide to apply for a microloan. Part of the requirement for this is that they form an accountability group, with each member of the group assuming responsibility for the other members in the group; meaning, if one member defaults on the loan, the other members will cover that amount. We hope in this way to foster an environment of helping and encouraging each other, with each member concerned for the success of everyone in the group.

We are excited about the potential this program has for helping families who have economic struggles, but also for the community that we hope will grow from these groups.

Thanks for reading and we ask for your prayers in our new ventures here at the Oasis. We will leave you with a few more photos of some beautiful Oasis faces.



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