Provision in Pucallpa

C.S. Lewis once wrote to a friend who was starting a “rest-home where people in psychological difficulties” would receive care. He noted that everything “depends on the quality of the individual helpers,” and he suggested that such people could only be found through prayer.* At the Orchard Children’s Home outside of Pucallpa, we rejoice in God’s provision of a new family to serve as house parents in a house now full with nine children!

Normally, each house holds up to eight children. However, when notified recently of a little boy with a terminally-ill mother and nowhere to go, we felt compelled to make room for him. Several hours away from their home, God has provided a place for both him and his mom, as she is being cared for in a special center for terminally ill patients in Pucallpa, where we have also developed a good relationship.


With the first house now full, and the second house occupied by the director and her family, the construction of the third and newest house is complete. As soon as we furnish the interior and receive and prepare new house parents for this new house, we will begin receiving more children at the Orchard.

Meanwhile, the children already at the Orchard display the fruit of growing in God’s presence. A recent display of their colorful creations, from a special art class over their vacation, reveals the joy and love that fills their new life in this redemptive family.

In February, the older boys’ house from Kids Alive’s Juniper Tree Children’s Home in Lima visited Pucallpa. In a special evening of fellowship, God provided the testimonies of these older boys, who grew up at the Juniper Tree, as signs of hope for the young children of the Orchard. How special it was to hear the older encourage the younger to be family and trust God with their lives!

1.5 kilometers away by Lake Yarinacocha, the Mission TEC Care Center began a new year of daily welcoming children from the community into the discipleship experience provided through their homework, Awana, youth, and young moms clubs. The central pavilion used in many of these clubs has been renovated to provide more classrooms and a new stage for the ongoing ministry. This provision came through the visit of a Men’s International Missions service team in mid-January.

We praise God for how He provides for children in real places like outside of the Amazon jungle city of Pucallpa, and we thank Him that He Himself is our provision, making a place in His kingdom for those who will enter His family as a child!

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As Missionaries of Discipleship and Development, Mark and Kristin, with their three children, are based in Pucallpa, Peru.

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