The Mission TEC Care Center has deep roots in the community. Started 36 years ago as Misión TEC, the early ministry provided technical training and Christian discipleship to young adults to help them break the cycle of poverty while introducing them to Jesus. Many of their graduates have pursued technical careers and are professionals today in and around Pucallpa, Peru. But their greatest joy has been spreading the Christian faith in the community and seeing their graduates lead Godly lives.

 In 2005, Misión TEC moved away from their technical training and began a girls’ club program for about 9 girls in the community of San José. Since then, the numbers have grown to over 200 kids ages 7-17 coming weekly for tutoring, playtime, sports, and Bible study. Because of many teen pregnancies, and the pressure for kids to drop out of school and work to provide for their family, children in the community suffer from malnutrition, lack of education and sadly have little hope of ever breaking free from the cycle of poverty.

Kids Alive hopes to change these children’s lives through the Care Center. Working with the current missionaries and staff, we hope to expand the program to provide a nutritious meal for each child as well as provide more after school programs in order to rescue more children in San José and in the surrounding communities. Most of all, in meeting some of these physical needs, our desire is to meet their spiritual need by introducing these young people to Jesus – so that they may know the God who created them and loves them unconditionally.

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If you would like more information regarding child sponsorship at the Mission Tec Care Center, or if you simply have a question regarding child sponsorship, please fill out the form below, and one of our staff will respond shortly.

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